You Make Me

You Make Me - Erin McCarthy 3 Stars!

This would be one of those I would say "It's not you, it's me." Cause...

I did not like Caitlyn, sigh... And for a while there, I thought the story was gonna destroy Ethan's character as well, but I'm glad it didn't. I liked both Heath and Ethan... they both deserve someone better. I really love the storyline, but did not like how it went down. The problem here is Caitlyn... her reasonings and actions gave me a hell of a headache really. :(

So Caitlyn had a poor life growing up, with a crazy mom and an alcoholic brother and a lot of foster siblings... and she just wants to start a new life... In fact, she did good and proved herself... which she should just be proud of... then getting herself engaged to a great guy, Ethan, whom she said she loves... but Ethan knows nothing about her family or her past.

And... instead of feeling sorry about not being completely open to Ethan, she vehemently justifies her reasoning why she didn't... In fact, she made it sound like Ethan hurt her more than the other way around?! (To wit my husband would say "typical female!" and I completely disagree of course, lol)...

Then there's Heath, another love of her life from years back and still does, her first love, who had left her and just disappeared without a goodbye.... But who also suddenly returned for her the same time she's got engaged! So now, she wants Heath and don't want Heath... gah! I want to rant and say more but it would be a complete spoiler. Heath sounds mysterious and is very demanding.... thought it would have been nicer to know more of him... But that one thing I like about Heath is that he seems to know Caitlyn more than Caitlyn knows herself!

Anyway, I find Caitlyn a brat.... she drove me insane!

I love the blurb, I love the start... did not like what happened after... and yeah, predictable.

It is well written...with all that angst and hotness...

And though this book isn't for me, hey, what doesn't work for me might work for you... :D

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Pretty Instinct

Pretty Instinct - S.E. Hall 4 Something Sweet Stars!

I loved it from an early start.... the characters mostly and a quite promising storyline... but....

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To Murder Matt

To Murder Matt - Viveca Benoir I can't rate this cause I just couldn't go on for now... made it to 24% and still feel disconnected to the characters and the story... and I am impatient, lol. The prologue though did pique my interest...

It's on a third person narrative involving 5 different characters... it is fast paced in a sense that you just knew something has already happened and details are just skipped and the story moved forward...

When I have more time... I "might" go back to it... :)


Entice - Rachel Van Dyken 5 Worthy Stars!!!!

I love this series!

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Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3)

Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3) - Scarlett Edwards Review and Purchase links are posted here :


Here's the thing about mini series, I want every page to count! Then there's this thing I always fear, for the characters to suddenly change. But guess what? This DID NOT disappoint!!!!

My first reaction after reading, I wanna cut Jeremy's balls off!!!


My God, this guy is sick! What a sadistic asshole! And I loved it! Cause I didn't want him to suddenly go soft....

And Lily... I so don't want her falling for him. Pourquoi? Nothing about Jeremy is loveable... and I know Lily knows better than that.

Though there was a moment that I thought it was heading that way.... This is such a mind fuck! Well done Ms. Edwards....


I still don't know what Jeremy's motive are or maybe there's none and he is just a perv! Still, it would be nicer if some of the mysteries would unravel a bit soon.... like maybe on the next book? Here's hoping.

That said... there's a reason why I'm not so fond of mini series, I hate the wait for the next book! It's torture!


Crossing Stars

Crossing Stars - Nicole  Williams A modern day Romeo and Juliet romance but with a different twist.

Josette is the daughter of the Salvatore Costa, the Blue Krait, the most powerful man in the Chicago mafia. While Rylan is the son of the other reigning mob family in Chicago, the Heat, an Irish mob.

I really enjoyed the start of the story... and it is well written, there were some lines that I really liked... BUT it just got too boring for me. I almost did a DNF, but I hate doing that... so I just browsed through some scenes really...

The execution of the story is just too bland... The characters too dull. I wanted a bad ass Rylan... Josette's character was just okay.

Enough said.... sad, but this book is again not for me...

The Devil in Me

The Devil in Me - K.I. Lynn I enjoyed Ms. K.I. Lynn's Breach series and was looking forward to reading this one, and a bonus that it's under a male POV, for a change. The blurb and cover is hot, BUT sad to say, that's about it. :(

The story started off like this: Jared woke up and rushed to church to pray for strength and guidance and for his mom's health and saw this lady that gave him a hard on, like yeah, his mom could be dying and his problem was his dick or boner. He goes to the church's washroom and jerk himself off... Was that supposedly hot? I sure hope men don't react that way... that's just a "no no" for me. Then, every time he sees her, he gets a huge hard on that everyone can see, like WTH! His friends, his sister!!!! If the story's aim was to shock me and not in a good way, you got me, lol. The characters felt off.... everything felt off or forced.... It is a short read and it bored me to death.... I kept rolling my eyes and hoping for the story to end... Ugh...

So.... this is the part where I'll say, I guess this book is not for me.


Alex - Shannon Mayer Aaaah Alex... could not love you more!

Blind Salvage

Blind Salvage - Shannon Mayer Rylee had such an adventure, though it's getting more challenging and it was heartbreaking on this part of the series.

I would say this urban fantasy paranormal story would make a good bedtime stories for kids, just omit the brutal gore parts and the sexual scene (not much of the sex scenes really and it's on the milder side ;) ). What I'm saying is that I am loving the giants, the unicorn, werewolf, harpy, the ogre, the witches and lots more... all together incorporated in one action packed thrilling story with lots of hearts... it reminds me of when I was young and I use to hang on every word when my "nana" tells us such stories during bedtime. :)

Rylee's tasks are getting more and more complicated... while her character and Liam's and all the other characters are growing and they kinda grow on you too.

In this part Rylee rescues a baby unicorn and battles ogre and giants! Love it! And Faris really need to die!!! Hehe.

Knox: Volume 4

Knox: Volume 4 - Cassia Leo Overall, with the whole series, I like that it's fast paced and a what could have been an interesting storyline. Despite my hesitation after finishing the first one, I kept hoping with the 2nd part that it'll get better... or maybe with the 3rd... then come's the 4th, the conclusion, and sad to say, it just did not do it for me.

I kept getting weirded out on how things just turned out and more so with the lead characters, I could not connect.... everything felt lacking.

And I was so excited to read this when I saw that the final book is out. Knox's character could have been really powerful. Rebecca's character was just lame, sorry, just my opinion. A total fail really. The story felt rushed and it keeps skipping, it felt like I might have spaced out and missed what happened....


I kept knocking my brains out! I get that these are short reads but geez...


Seriously, I think I've lost my brain somewhere.... how did Knox become who he is again? Rebecca's dad, for a mob boss, he couldn't be that easy or stupid is he? Next thing you know they're down? And omg, they hit a deer? How stupid! Don't even get me started on Rebecca! Really you would have sex with the guy on that same day he has kidnapped you and she's not even sure who he really is and she works with the law? Shouldn't she be smarter? And then there's Austin! Oh well, Knox is here, scratch his character... Again, WTH!!!

Really, I don't mind mini series as long as every page counts and it would drive me crazy bat shit or even just plain crazy, you know, make it worth it.... but sad to say, this did not do it for me. Ugh, I was so hoping.


Shadowed Threads

Shadowed Threads - Shannon Mayer Still loving it! In this part of the series, Rylee is to find and bring home Liam O'Shea... but because it's Rylee, nothing is ever early... first there's the Queen vampire sending someone to kill her, then comes the Druid, Deana, with a guardian Tiger who is bound to kill Rylee... and if that wasn't enough, out of nowhere, a dragon comes to kill her.... all this for a slim hope of rescuing O'shea... and to top it all, a revelation that causes Rylee grief... Everyone wants something from her.... but who will be there for her without asking for anything in return?

It's good to know that Rylee has her breaking point too....

Then now comes a prophesy and of course, Rylee is sitting in the middle of it.

I hate to say it, but Milly is really getting on my nerves.... I hope they'd be done with her already. Then Faris, I don't know why Rylee kept believing him, fed up of him too. Seems like while Rylee is making allies, her enemies are also growing in numbers. It's good at the same time, exhausting! Girl needs a break!

And Liam!!!! He is there where it counts the most. Love him. And Alex, well, he is still the heart of the series. Eve and Pamela are both learning and growing fast...

Again, non stop action, fast paced, thrilling, heart wrenching, funny and quite an adventure! ;)


Raksha - Frankie Rose 5 Stunning Stars!!!

I say "wow". I never thought I'd be completely mesmerized with this book, but I was! From start to end. Brilliantly written with great world building in a dystopian setting and fascinating storyline. If you like the Hunger Games, you might just like this one too!

She has no name.

She has her knives; her training; her halo.

Being a Falin, she is trained from a young age to become a fighter, to fight in the Colosseum. She also wears a "Halo" around her neck, it releases toxin that controls their emotions, that stops them from feeling. And that is how it should be in the "Sanctuary" ... That is until she killed her best friend and partner in a match and her halo was shifted....


Escaping from the Sanctuary, she found Ryka or rather Ryka found her and introduced her to Freetown. So while Kit (a name her best friend gave her) is still learning and dealing on all sorts of emotions she never experienced, she is also overwhelmed by this world outside the one she's always known. And though Freetown is different from the Sanctuary, one thing remains the same, the matches!

I don't want to say more so as not to spoil the story, but did I say it is well written? Cause it is!!!! And I can't believe I got it FREE on Amazon.

I always love a woman protagonist that kicks ass! And an alpha male who also kicks ass and have his woman's back. Two wonderful, well develop characters that you'll easily like and love. Ryka is just perfect!

There is lots of action, the fights are pretty detailed so be prepared... it is edgy... with just the right amount of angst... there is romance... heartwarming.... and a there's that little twist of surprise.... Overall, just captivating.

Just a quick mention on other characters... There is James.... James is power hungry, he is the bad guy... Though he still remains a mystery to me, so jury is not out yet as to what his real motives really are. Then there's Olivia, Ryka's sister. She is stubborn, but she goes for what she believes. The priestess, whom I hate! And a lot more very interesting characters in the mix.

And it ended in not so much as a cliffhanger but the story is left to be continued for the second sequel.

Here is just one of the many scenes that I like :

My face breaks the surface of the water and I drag in a frantic gasp of air that makes both my head and my lungs explode. Fear pulses through me for a second when I open my eyes and it’s still dark. I’m neck deep in water. We’re in the tunnel?

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Ryka says. “I’m right here. I’ve got you.” With his arm locked around my ribcage, pressing me to him, he really does have a firm grip on me. “We’re halfway, okay? Just take a breath. Get some air into your lungs.”

I can’t, though. It feels like I’m trapped in a vice and my chest can’t expand. “Take…take me back―” I splutter.

“It’s okay, just relax. I have you. I’m not letting you go.”

“No.” I shake my head. “I can’t. Just take me back. We’ll find another way around.”

“We don’t have time, Kit. Please, just calm down.”

I start struggling against him, gripped by sheer animal instincts, and his hold tightens. “Kit! Don’t make me knock you out. Just trust me!”

My arms and legs go still. It takes everything I have but I force my body to relax. “I do trust you. I just―I can’t breathe.”

I feel his lips against my forehead and even though I can’t see him, the contact steels my nerves.

“This will be over in less than a minute,” he says quietly. “We’ve got to go back under so we can get out. Are you ready?”

The current pulling at my legs feels impossibly strong, but I nod. “Okay. Okay, I can do it.”

“Good girl.”

Stunning!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

The story is written under Kit's POV.


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Seven Sons

Seven Sons - Lili St. Germain Might just be me, but I couldn't connect with the lead character.... the plot is interesting though and it is gritty.... let's say if I were to rate my interest level from 1 to 5, I'd say a 3.5... :)

It's a quite short read though.... a part of a serial thing that seems to be trending nowadays... I don't mind those as long as it is worth every page and it's not that long of a series. ;)

Coming Home

Coming Home - Priscilla Glenn 4 Heart-Wrenching Stars!

I do believe in faith, and I believe faith brought these two beautiful yet lonely individuals together, Leah Marino and Danny DeLuca.

Lea’s character is sweet, quick-witted, responsible and considerate. While Danny is funny, selfless, honest and kind. Two compassionate people that you can’t help falling in love with.

To make a long story short, Lea met Danny when she went to do her yearly drive-by to her childhood home… both felt that instant connection and attraction… and while Lea slowly opens herself up to Danny, Danny has reservations…. he is afraid that once Lea finds out about his secret, she will walk away from him.

But loving someone sometimes is not easy…. would you bail when it gets too hard? Or would you stay?

“Because when you love someone, you don’t bail when it gets hard. That’s when you stay the most.”

How would you help ease their suffering?


This story is about life’s obstacle and making choices… While I can’t tell you what Danny secret is, I was totally second guessing and I couldn’t be more wrong.

While it does go on a slow pace, I got to know and love the main characters. And somewhere along the way, the pace started picking up, and it went on full-on intense raw emotions… that was just heartbreaking…. it completely sucked the air out of me and then slowly lets me breathe again. I was crying my eyes out.

Then there are the fun, light and sweet moments that had me smiling too… between Leah and Danny and the rest of the other characters.

And though I wanted more, I loved how the story ended.

The only thing I question though was, what happened to Lea’s crazy ex? He seemed to have just dropped off the story after all his crazies. Hmm!

Beautifully written….. under dual POV.

Love, in English

Love, in English - Karina Halle 4.5 Intense Stars!

Love is sometimes so unfair and cruel…

Vera has this likeable character… she is a levelheaded and carefree person….

Wild hair.

Wild heart.

Tattoos and piercings.

I love food too much.

I love sex too much.

And she is in Spain for a month for a language program (to help Spaniards with their conversational English and stay in Spain for free!).

There she met Mateo, she felt that instant pull, that attraction… but then she notices the wedding band he is wearing. He is married and breaking up a family is not something Vera will ever want to do, she will never be “the other woman”. But how do you tell your heart to stop feeling?

“The heart has no regard for what’s right or what’s wrong.”

She tried so hard not to cross that line. But Mateo is certainly not making it easy on her. He is intense, hot, sexy and wants to take “siesta’s” with her. The more time they spend together, the harder they fall….. And when they can’t deny or hide those feelings anymore?

“Love is like a thief, it robs you of all thought and logic, and all you have left is a heart that you can only pray is strong enough to survive the rest.”

This story made me feel so much emotions… it was crazy!!!! I am not into cheating. But you have to read their story before you judge them. I feel for Vera and all that she’s feeling….

Scared… Jealous… Angry… Guilty… Sad… Longing… Love!


You will fall in love with Mateo and Vera, feel the intensity of their connection… the complexity of their situation… and the consequences… Add in that Spanish background and culture… you got yourself one really romantic and hot novel!

I have to say there were moments that I wanted to kick Mateo's ass... but... sigh, I still love him! And Vera's in or out emotions gets to be irritating, but hey, she's 23 and had no real relationship experience.

The ending though felt rushed, though we know theirs is gonna be not an easy start.

If you want that intense, full of angst, knotty feelings, I definitely highly recommend.

Beautifully written, under a single POV.

Break Me (Broken Motorcycle Club Romance)

Break Me (Broken Motorcycle Club Romance) - Kate Stone 2 WTH WAS THAT Stars!

This is me after finishing this book....


and then.... after I try to process everything, this is me....


And no, I didn't lose my mind, yet, lol... It was just too crazy not to laugh about the whole thing.

What drove me to this book, well the cover for one, then comes the blurb, abused, broken and biker world.

From the beginning I know I should have stopped reading... I mean it was pretty disturbing to think that she just got off one very abusive relationship and right away she had sex with another man... and to even fall in love in like what, a couple of days later? You, the reader, won't even have time to process what was happening, she's already moved forward or the story has moved forward from one clusterfuck to another. Just a big NO NO for me.

But yeah, I tried and gave it a benefit of a doubt and read the whole book.... but just noooo... it went from weird to weirder... But, given, there is that gritty part, there is action, suspense, and sex... but just didn't work for me, at all! Couldn't connect with everything.

Nope... this is not it for me. Sorry

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