Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) - Abbi Glines Blog/FB Page here :

I loved how the book started... no blame game.... Woods stood up for what he believes and loves. I love love Woods... Della's struggle and her nightmares, she needed help, she needed closure to move on and be her own self. And I get Della's actions, though some part of it kinda make me want to slap her too. But her turnaround was beautiful. Woods and Della are perfect together. It's hot and beautiful.

I've read all of these series, all this tight-knit group who bonded as family in this small town called Rosemary.... so when you read to the part where it hits the most, I'm all shocked and screaming "why?" and I'm still processing.


I hate that now I'm going to have to wait for what's next in this series... but yes, that's pretty much what I will be doing.

Definitely loved it, though I'm kinda still reeling from shock.