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Holy mother of bikers, IT'S A 10!!! This book is HOT!!!!

I effing love love love it! Tegen and Cage story was hot.... Tegen really needs to go seek anger management class. Cage, awww, one hot grade-A hunka burnin love. And with these two together with their raging hormones, explosions!


But this book is not just about Tegen and Cage, it's also about Dirty and Ellie.... and Dirty's story is so heartbreaking, it tears me up inside.

It's also about Tegen's mom "D"'s story. Then there is Danny, Ripper and ZZ. And Deuce, the biker president, Cage's father. It's a hell of a whole bad ass biker story but what I loved the most is that:

" you don't have to like what goes on inside the club to love the club".


You will fall in love with the whole bad ass dysfunctional biker family. I did! Two thumbs up! Highly recommend!