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Huh.... where do I start...

Abby lost her grandma in a tragedy, the person that took her and showed her love after surviving 12 years of abuse by the hands of her drug addict parents. Now, she's homeless, to top it off, she's short of 9 months to be declared an adult so now she's running away from the social service worker who's come to take her away.

Sleeping on a junkyard one night, she meets hot tattoed blue-eyed Jake. Abby can see that Jake has darkness in him but feels safe with him.

Jake wants Abby the first time he saw her.. but Jake has dark secrets of his own.

"Two broken souls that can't be healed. They can't be saved."


I thought I'd never see the light of day in this book. It was so dark and I just keep reading hoping there would be light coming soon but it just got darker and darker. But despite all that darkness that surrounds Abby, she's a survivor, she's a fighter and her pain only made her stronger.

It's kept me glued from start to finish. It is definitely angsty, heartbreaking, and so gritty. There are some issues in this book that I question but I can't say cause I don't wanna spoil the whole story. Now I just need to read something light... :D