Patch Up - Stephanie Witter blog/page link here :

Skye has been with her abusive boyfriend for 3 years till she followed him for their first year of college and yet he dumps her a week after because his words are that she's:

"Idiot. Dependent. Whore. Ridiculous. Ugly. Boring. A nobody. Nobody wants you. Nobody would miss you. Not sexy."


Physically and mentally broken, Skye avoids everyone and hides behind her frizzy hair and oversized clothes.

On her psychology class, she met one of the teacher's TA, tall, hot and tattooed Duke. Duke sees how vulnerable Skye is and wants to be her friend, so Duke pursued Skye.

Just when Skye's protective wall starts to crack... Duke lets her down. Duke lost his long time girlfriend and best friend in a car accident and is still all messed up over it.

But Duke won't give up on Skye.

“Because even if I want to ignore it, we connected. I pushed you away because it’s ... let’s say it’s complicated in my head right now, but I can’t imagine you not being a part of my life.”

And just when Skye started to mend her broken pieces, her ex-boyfriends comes back breaking her time and time again.


I love this book, I love the story... it's heartbreaking... it's gut wrenching.... and it's romantic. And this is definitely not for the faint of heart.