More Than This (More #1) - Jay McLean (review is also posted here : or

sigh, what can I say, this is a very emotional book and I love it.

Everybody should have a Jake, he is perfect in every sense.... in fact, I'm still on Jake hangover.... swooning...


And I cried so much for Mikayla... your boyfriend for 4 years cheated on you for 2 years with your bestfriend since 5th grade.... and as if that wasn't enough, she lost her family on that same day..... gah, I cried a bucket!!! When Mikayla's world fell apart, when she thinks there's nothing left for her, Jake was there, never letting her go.....


It was written so well, you will love and feel for Mikayla and Jake, their friends and family... I even felt sorry for her ex, James. I highly recommend to read this book and here's a box of tissue while you do, you'll need it.