Infraction - K.I. Lynn also posted here :

K.I. Lynn delivers and delivers them good! The story continues where it ended in the first book, with Lila in the hospital after the accident and Nathan going crazy on the thought of losing Lila. Now it's Nathan's turn to convince Lila to take him back.


You cannot blame Lila for her mistrust, she's been broken, heart, body and soul, she couldn't take getting hurt more. But how can you tell your heart to stop beating?

I love Nathan. When he finally opened up to Lila about his past, it was just heartbreaking.

Nathan's dirty mouth did not disappoint... though there was less of that in this book.

"Do you like this? Being fucked in an alley like a common whore, on display for anyone to see how dirty you are?"

And don't forget the boob squad, did not disappoint! lol.

Cannot wait for the next book!