Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy #1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills review and book recommendation is also posted here :

Definitely one of my favourite book this year. It is so brilliantly written, It has enchant me from start to finish.

Nora seems to have it all, she is very smart, she's beautiful, an accomplished pianist and she's rich or her parents are, she's perfect or is she?

Leo, 25, has lost his parents at a very young age, he gave up his dream to take care of his younger brother Sebastian. Losing his parents lead him to believe that "loving people hurts, losing them destroys you" So, he promised himself never to fall in love.

Until he mets Nora.

I cannot rave enough as to how I love the characters of this book, how I love everything in this book. The chemistry between Nora and Leo, was just staggering, it'll leave you breathless!


Nora, you cannot help but love her, she's broken but she's a fighter. Leo, his beautiful inside and out, his just so afraid to love that he kept pushing Nora away, to the point of hurting each other. Agggghhh! The sexual tension, the angst, it was funny, heartbreaking and just beautiful.

Highly Highly recommend!!!!