Hardwired (Hardwired, #1) - Meredith Wild review is also posted here : https://www.facebook.com/SLiTsReaD

Erica Hathaway learned to make it on her own. She, with the help of her friends, started her own online fashion network, all she needs is an investor.

Enters Blake. When Erica presents her business to prospective investors, one of them is the gorgeous Blake Landon, who happens to make her knees weak and who was also drilling her with questions derailing her presentation.


So as much as she is attracted to Blake, he finds him most arrogant. But Blake wants Erica and what Blake wants Blake gets.

So, the chase begins... while Erica tried to avoid Blake, Blake finds ways to see Erica. Till Erica can no longer avoid him. And feelings went deeper.


But Erica is stubborn and has trust issue, and Blake is dominant and needs constant control... which makes Erica goes off running time and again...UGH, Stop with the running! Hate it when they do that, one's fine, more than ones, ugh...


Then Erica's past came back to hunt her. Blake will do everything to protect her.

It certainly wasn't what I expected. It is hot and sexy and I like it! I like the story, it holds a lot of promise. It is not a long read so it goes fast and it is a cliffy. I hope the next book won't be a long wait and I hope Erica, by then, will stop running. ;)