Chosen Heart (The Heart Series, #1) - Ann  Stewart,  Stephanie Nash review also posted here :

I have a love hate relationship with this book.... I love the story and everything, I am freaking hating the characters but they are so perfect together it works.

Elyssa was on her way to her first day on a new job at Salerno Hearth, inc when she had to stop for gas... she saw this hot gorgeous man she's definitely definitely attracted to big time. But lo and behold, said hot alpha is her VP James Alexander.

Elyssa couldn't keep from drooling and fantasizing over James and James seems to give her mixed signal, likes her and ignores her. But attraction wins over and hence starts their secret relationship. And let me tell you, together, they are hot!

Elyssa and James insecurities, their jealousies are omg over the top!!!! Gah!!!! Elyssa so naive and insecure.... James sooo alpha male and jealous.... it's frustrating! Add to that, James is so darn mysterious too but when his secret is revealed, I was shocked!

And what Arianna plays on this story is ugh, she's an evil witch and just ewwwwww definitely!!!

Normally, I hate cliffys, but with this, I say thank God cause I need to breathe... hope they work on their insecurities on the next book and I definitely hope for a happy ending.