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I cannot say enough how I enjoyed and loved this book. I went from anxious to hurt, to swooning, to crying my eyes out. Loved, loved it. Lots of angst.

I fell in love with Baylee right away, the things she would do for the person she love. She's hot, sweet, funny and a fighter. I love when she dresses and tries and seduce her man ;) She thought she's finally gonna get proposed from her boyfriend.

She's been with Colt for 4 years, sacrificing everything to support him. Colt looks confused and sad and he seem to love Baylee.. till she blindsided Baylee with that very public break up, omg, I was soooo mad! But no, that wasn't enough, he went cray cray and abusive!

Ryker, my knight and shining armour, he was there for Baylee. I am so in love with him. His not only hot, rich, and again hot, but he has a huge heart. He knows how to take care of the people he loves. He knows what he wants and he wants Baylee and he'll do anything to protect her and show her how one should be loved. The chemistry between Baylee and Ryker was just sooo hot!

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There is soooo much more going on in this book. I love how it approaches the issue domestic abuse. I was touched with Ryker's mom Joss, her story and what she told Baylee, "there's no shame in needing other people. Take what is being offered and help someone else out later."

The end is not so much a cliffy but that their story continues on the next book. And I can't wait for the next one, nope, I want more Baylee and Ryker. ❤

And I would like to thank Ms T.R. Graves for giving me this book for an honest review.