Follow the white pebbles - Lillian Summers review also posted here :

Lizzie is a riot alright but at first, I just want to strangle her...


Then I just want to hug her to death!


Despite her tough exterior, her loud-mouth, she is very fragile inside... she's been through a lot, it's heartbreaking... yet inspiring, despite everything that happened to her, she is one tough person. She's been kidnapped when she was just a baby. She grow up in really rough world, abuse and all. Her real parents is filthy rich. And when they finally found her, she is 18, and only knows the world she knows and the parents she grow up with... was just...

And Justin, whom Lizzy, aka Jimmy, fell in love the first time she saw him, and whom she was arranged to marry, is a playboy... how he tries to ignore Lizzy and how his slowly realizing how he really feels.


Everybody deserves a happy ending, specially Lizzie...

Loved this book, it was funny, heart wrenching yet light and romantic. I would like to read about Johnny, the fighter, and Krissy!!! I thought they were hot!!!!