Like Gravity - Julie   Johnson 3.5 or 4, kinda a bit confuse on how to rate this....

Story started off really sad, Brooke witnessed her mom getting shot in the head and she was only 6 years old...


Story moved 14 years later, where Brooke is all grown, damaged and closed up. She's a sophomore in College and lives with her funny bff Lexi.

Then there's super hot Finn, who came to her rescue one day, blue eyed and the lead singer of his own band, whom she is slowly falling for.


Then Brooke started to slowly let go....


Since meeting Finn, memories of her childhood is slowly coming back.


It is quite obvious from here on that Finn was the boy she loved and trusted when she was 6. Obvious to me, the reader, but not to Brooke, I didn't get that part of the story. There were times I find Brooke real irritating, ugh....

And there is someone after her (this I find obvious who too). Girl never seems to get a break.

I love what her psychiatrist said:

“Humans are flawed creatures – selfish and cowardly most of the time. We lie, cheat, and steal better than we do almost anything else. We hurt each other with words, actions, and omissions,” “There is a one hundred percent guarantee that the people we love most will let us down. That’s the risk you take, when you open up your heart.”
“But at some point, you have to decide which ones matter more than the pain, and forgive them for their mistakes.” She placed one hand on mine. “So, if you love him, I guess the only real question you have to ask yourself, the only question that matters is, at the end of the day, is he worth the suffering?”

All in all, I say it was good. There was a light angst, it was sweet, there is suspense and mystery... and most of all, there is Finn... ;)