The Ties That Bind - Marta Tandori check out our reviews here : and here :

This is definitely not my usual read and I have to admit, it gets kinda confusing sometimes cause there are so many things going on and there are so many characters involve in this story.

But it all started with Chaz and it kinda sorta ended with Chaz story too. And all of this revolves around Brooke. A lot of hot male characters in the book. There is Brooke's ex, who beat her and left her for dead... then there is Clint (most powerful man in Vegas), who Brooke turned to to ask protection. Then, there's the hot doctor who is her fiancé. Then there is of course Chaz and Matt, whom Brooke only wanted to help cause they came from the same childhood background.


And the venue... Vegas baby!


I love the twist and turns of the story, this is not a romance novel, just kinda sorta.... . and I kinda like how it ends. You just have to read it to see if you'll like it. ;)