Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners, #1) - Bella Jewel (review is also posted here : http://wp.me/p3NHjQ-e6 and here : https://www.facebook.com/SLiTsReaD)

I've just started the first chapter and I'm crying.... Darn.... Addison had it tough, growing up with pimps, drug addict, a whore of a mother who only cares about getting high... Getting raped at the age 13! Freaking breaks my heart!


When she had no option but to ask her father for help, a biker president... Enters hot panty dropper, green eyes, dark hair, tattooed and all, Cade, the bikers vice. And those hot steamy sex scene!!! Is it hot in here or what?


“I know what you went through was all kinds of fucked up, and one day maybe you’ll tell me about it, just like maybe I’ll tell you. If you wanna tell me bits, the lot, or none, that’s up to you. I ain’t ever gonna push, just like I’m never gonna judge. Your life was bad; I see it in your eyes. When you grin, your face is empty, and I have no doubt when you smile, your eyes won’t shine like they should. One day though, baby, I will make them shine.”

Aaaaah, need I say more? Oh yeah, just one.... I can't wait for Spike!!!!!