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I read this book blind, didn't read the blurb, didn't know what it's about, and I'm happy I did! It's an easy heartwarming 5! It is a beautiful story and I would recommend to all especially the young adults.

Lucy is beautiful, smart and is a natural in basketball. But being a freshman and beating the girls on higher level seems to only get her in trouble. She was bullied and she couldn't tell her parents. So, she gave up her love for basketball and her identity and dated a douchebag name Zach and would do everything Marisa, her bully bitch "supposedly" bestfriend tells her to do. She would be so mean and hurtful to her family.


Justin is this gorgeous, beautiful guy who see's the true Lucy. He wants to help Lucy and to open her eyes and see how and who her so called bestfriend and boyfriend really is towards her. But Lucy only thinks the worst instead in Justin.... until she get to really know him.


This book is about bullies, family, friends and real love. It might be a YA but it is really an inspirational read. One of those I couldn't put down once I start reading.