Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey Okay, this is how it runs down to... it started out so sweet, from them being babies, growing up together... But Amanda has low self esteem, feeling so insecure to be always being compared to her perfect sister.... Noah at their tender age, tells her he will always take care of her. His just perfect right? You will definitely love Noah.


But close to 70% of this book I'm freaking irritated with Amanda.... at first I thought "ah, she's young, she'll smarten up"... but no, it has to go on and on, how irritating, gah! There is just so many things so wrong here.... this far of the story I feel like punching myself or someone.


Then something tragic happened that affects her, and during these times she met Dalton, who by the way is fabulous! Now this here I start balling.... who wouldn't... And amazingly Dalton kinda opened her eyes. (took that long).


So all in all, in this roller coaster of emotions I'm going through, lets just say I felt emotionally played. So, good job!!!!