Right There with You (With You, #1) - R.J. Sable review posted here (http://wp.me/s3NHjQ-428)

Omg, this book got me all riled up, I wanted to kick some ass, 7 assess to be exact.

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Jamie-Lea is so broken and scared I feel for her... Jason is effing hot, I love him!



I love the story, I got hooked from start to finish... This is a trilogy book, it is not a cliffhanger but there are a lot of things going that is left out on this book, so might come out on the coming books. Only thing I would have wanted was, that Jamie's brothers asses should have been kicked! No one has the right to raise a hand to their sister, there is no excuse for that. You would think they are protecting her, they are the ones that she needs protecting from. Ugh! It riles me up big time!