Finding North - Rachel Dunning

It started out slow... but then it got interesting.... Leora was bored and wants to travel to Europe but couldn't cause her mom won't let her and she couldn't get her trust fund till she's 18.... Then she met english hot millionaire Conall.....

Heart Eyed Anime Cat In Love

and the story moves from there, from her best friends hot new boyfriend.... her bestfriend almost getting rape, then there's her bestfriend's ex boyfriend who abuse and rapes minors, drug dealing... jealous rich classmate... and again, there's Conall.... I couldn't put the book down.... It was hot!!! Then the book ended and WTF, I don't know if I should cry or throw a fit after!!!

Crying And Throwing a Fit MRW Gif On Nichijou

But yeah, it's a whooping 5 star for me!!! Despite making me frustrated and all. Story continues on the next book, ugh!!!