I Surrender - Monica  James I will not go over what the story is about cause you can read from the blurb that it is as hot as the cover. The story is well written enough to make you not want to put the book down from start to finish. Ava just got back from a very painful breakup of her boyfriend of 4 yrs. Enters Jasper. Ava and Jasper's hot and cold relationship is kinda giving me a whiplash. Ava's character irritates me in a way but I guess that is part of her trait (considering she has been dump in a very bad way, that hurts twice as much). And of all the places she has to go back to it has to be the place where her ex is, oh well... Jasper's character is hot though he got issues going too... he seems to be doing right except when he is not sharing with Ava his plans. I love what he said and did in the end... I love how the story ended. It is not so much as a cliffhanger just that their story continues on the next book. And I am looking forward to what happens next. Hopefully it is hotter and the wait is not too long. ;)