A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers

My review: 

Have you ever gone too far?

First, Lexie is crying after seeing her douche of an ex who still wants her back. Her super hot and sexy stepbrother (by marriage) and best friend Trent, wraps his arms around her and hums the song he wrote for her till she calmed down... and next thing you know they were kissing and things just went too far! 

And before they can really process what happened, Lexie has to leave for Rome to study Art history. And being brought up catholic, since she felt so guilty and confused, first thing she did in Rome, she went on confession and one of her penance was to work with the over 6 feet tall of solid muscle, hot, gorgeous, dimples and with that mild Italian accent, Alessandro. Reverend Alessandro is a transitional deacon, waiting to be ordained in 8 months. 

So I'm going omg, hot stepbrother, now I'm going omg, hot reverend?! Yeah, what the hell right?

I will not say more, just that this book is HOT!!!!! It was funny, with all that sexual tension, it's heartbreaking, and, it's romantic. The way she talks about the arts in Rome, like the works of Michelangelo in the vatican church, it made me feel like I'm there too. It's just beautiful!!!!


 Loved it!