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"Deer cabral, you white-jot unjoly cliffhuckr. sorry I missed the twigging concert. I do lick them, your right That’s it."

Hahahaha.... What can I say, I loved this book! It is hilarious, intense yet light, hot yet there's no sex in it, the angst, the hurt, the passion... it had me awake till dawn!!!! Never a dull moment! Kaye is so funny, add to that her friends that not only supports her craziness, but pushes her to it, LOL...


I don't want to get into the blurb, I'd say just read it! You won't regret! I got nothing but high praises for this book. All the characters are a delight!!! Samuel, I wanna slap you, then kiss you, then hug you and never let go!!!


Ending is kinda sorta made me sad, but it only makes me look forward to the next book!!!