Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie thank you Netgalley and Smith Publicity for the arc....

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Kyran Reese loves to fight when his stress... and his often stressed with their company, his absentee father and his brother..... so he is often at the arena coming home with bruises and black eye.


Dale Porter is starting a new job, new life. She just dumped her ex whom she caught humping her bestfriend in their home. Then she met Kyran, her boss or one of her boss, both are attracted to each other and on her second day or maybe third day of meeting him, had sex with him. Now she wants a label on what their relationship is. Kyran, a control freak, doesn't do label. So, she goes chase him and ask for label and he goes tell her it's sex.... This goes on and on just about 60% or more on the book, ugh... though she did still continue having sex with him.


Then there's the issue of Kyran's insecure druggy brother Taylor and his father who doesn't seem to care.

All in all, it was alright, I wish it could have been more though. And I like the end part with the their label written in cards.