Deception - A Family Affair - Michele Lee blog/Page link here :

It all started with a vengeful husband, who felt betrayed by his wife and wants nothing but revenge! And the ones that paid, are the two innocent kids who fell in love but was torn apart.

Marisol was excited to tell his first true love Marco that she is pregnant, they both have dreams and plans for their future, but Marco never showed up, no explanation, he just disappeared out of her life. So Marisol felt hurt and betrayed.

But Marco came back 12 years after to visit his ailing father and saw Mirasol again and wants what he lost back.

I was looking forward to read this and I really like the story, I just wasn't very fond of the way it was written in a way... It could have been really really good. I just couldn't quite connect with the character, yet I really want to. In a way, a little bit disappointed.


But on a lighter note, I think Marco is hot and I love him. ;)