Smoke and Mirrors - L.B. Clark Blog/Page link :

3.5 or 4 stars? debatable.... It was good in a way I didn't know I was already at the end of the page, it sucks cause just when I am getting to like it, it ended.


I didn't know what exactly I was reading, went in blind... then I started to read about senses, psychic and all that... Jenny can sense the future or to quote:

"My foresight usually existed as a sort of low-level awareness of what likely happen in the next few seconds. It was almost like white-noise for the sixth sense; something I could sense but that wasn’t likely to distract me. When I wanted to, I could concentrate on a person or situation and get a clearer and longer-term picture of future possibilities."

Jenny is a private investigator who moved from Florida to L.A., and moved in with Seth, who is the lead singer of Tangle Web, a famous rock band.

Lots of characters in the story.... I kinda got lost as to who is who and what is what, lol...

There is definitely a promise of a story between Jenny and Seth.... is there a next book? I would definitely read if there is and I hope for more Seth and Jenny.