If I Stay - Evan Reeves review also posted here : https://www.facebook.com/SLiTsReaD

I totally loved and enjoyed it. Grab this book if you want a light read about friendship and love that is beautifully written, it'll make you sigh, cry, smile and laugh with the characters.

Gemma was getting over her douchebag of an ex when her hilarious and gorgeous gay BFF and room mate Brandon decided to take her out. And that's where she saw and met Ben... Boom, instant attraction, love at first sight or rather, lust at first sight ...

The next day, they made plans for a dinner date. But on that day, when she went to her first class, lo and behold, Ben is her new professor.

But this book is not written in a way where the professor crosses the line big time, note the word big time, lol. Ben is such a dream and Gem is no pushover irrational female. They were just perfect.

Then there's Gems best buds, Brandon and Sacha who's always bickering and it's hilarious. I love the bond that they have together. Makes me miss my best friends. Just loved it!