Attainment - J.H. Cardwell First off, it's started kinda slow for me, partly cause I am kinda irritated on how childlike the female character here is... Guess cause she's brought up differently.... she wears a promise ring to only give her virginity to her husband to be. The way her conversation goes, I picture a 14 yrs old talking, and it kinda sounds scripted at times... hard to explain, it's the way it is written.... But story wise, I like it... I'm rooting for John though... Tate is alright, but to be involve with ur ex's mom, a no no.... Rape, murder, drugs, it's here.... The suspense of what happened not so much cause its kinda quite obvious while you read, but it's still good. I am definitely looking forward to the next book. It is not a cliffhanger but the story of Tate, John and Reese continues.