Stronger with You (With You #2) by R.J. Sable

Stronger with You - R.J. Sable


Jamie-Lea Carter and Jason Reed have been through the mill. Jason has been there for her in every way he could be. After a tough start to her life at university, Jamie-Lea is only now coming to realise who she really is. She makes a resolution not to let herself get pushed around as much but that's easier said than done as part of the Carter family.
Guilt still plagues her for everything that her family has been through but, with Jason's support, she's growing stronger in more ways than one. She loves her brothers whole-heartedly but deep down she knows things aren't right and never really have been. What has to give for something to change?





3.5 stars...

Loved the first book so I was so looking forward to read this one. The first book wasn't a cliffhanger. So this second book is the continuation of Jamie-Lea Reed and Jason Carter story. Just to refresh, in the first book we learned that Jamie is raised and bullied by her 7 older brothers. She blamed herself for her mom's death and she's very scared of her brothers (who wouldn't?) and grateful for her brothers who constantly remind her how much they sacrificed for her. A lot has happened in the first book and I was kinda hoping in the second series of the book, it'll move forward.

And it did, after a while. This book still riled me up as to how her brothers seems to be such brutes and say they're protecting her and Jamie is still justifying it all as "okay". Reading the same thing happening over again, is just frustrating!!!! 

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And Jason has to go and worry about her all the time. I feel bad for Jason actually... And Jamie's saying she needs to stand for herself yet she can't seem to take care of herself still. Just.... 

But with that said, I like the turnaround of the story. I'd say, it's about darn time!!!! 

As for Jamie and Jason's relationship, it has only gotten stronger. They've managed to open up to each other and trust each other more.

Then, surprise surprise, this is a big time cliffhanger! Ugh!!! I can't wait for the final book to come out!!!!