The Proposition (The Plus One Chronicles #1) by Jennifer Lyon

The Proposition - Jennifer Lyon

"Rich, sexy and volatile, Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda that keeps his heart on ice. His extreme wealth gives him the control he craves and his skills as an ex UFC fighter the tools he’ll need to extract his ultimate revenge. But when the woman he never believed he’d see again crosses his path, Sloane is caught between the vengeance he needs and a sexual conquest he craves.

Kat Thayne has been in survival mode for six years, hiding behind the sweet creations for her bakery. But when a random carjacking brings her face-to-face with her darkest fears and hottest fantasy, Kat is forced out of hiding and offered a dangerously passionate proposition. One she knows she isn’t strong enough to refuse."






Kat is a fighter! Yes, there is the panic attack but she doesn't run! She fights for what she believes. Gotta love a girl like that!

And Sloane, I will NEVER tap three times! Bring it on!!!

The book is definitely oozing hot, the only thing is, it's a short read. I love the mystery the plays around the story, I can't wait for it all to unravel. That means, off to the next book! And the good news is, it's already out!!!