Binary Law (Boston #1) by M.H. Grace

Binary Law  - M.H. Grace



I loved this book. I pretty much finished reading this in one setting and it isn’t quite a short read. 

It all started when Blake McCarthy, crushing over beautiful Ellie Andrews, offered to tutor her in calculus to help her with her grades but mostly to be close to Ellie. Ellie crushing over hot and nerdy Blake accepted his offer and for 3 years they would meet every Thursday. Ellie’s been waiting for Blake to show his interest in her for 3 years!!! She hadn’t need his help in calculus for 8 months but she continued with the tutoring just to be near him. Until that last study session, when Ellie finally kissed Blake….

But Ellie’s dad has been transferred to another military base and they were moving. Ellie promised to keep in touch and to call as soon as they’re settled, but that call never came.

Six years later, Coincidence or perhaps fate will see Blake and Ellie pushed back together.

This book is light, romantic, antsy and hot! There is none of those irritating unreasonable female lead character. But there definitely is the hot alpha male that we all love. I loved all the main characters here.. I can’t wait to read about Hope and Ben next!!!


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