East Rising by Rachel Dunning

East Rising - Rachel Dunning


2.5 frustrating and confusing stars for moi!

I don't know what to say..... I really enjoyed the first book, it showed a lot of promise... 

Picking up on the second book where Conall went back to England promising Leora that he will come back in a week. And when he didn't, Leora decided to follow him and the story started with Leora working in a bar in Europe for 3 months and has not seen Conall still! I mean how much closure does this girl need? Granting she was bored with her life in New York and has fallen hard on Conall. Oi!!!!

Then Conall finally ask to meet her, no he didn't go see her, he ask to meet her. He explained the "why's" and Leora understands (right!) and introduces her to Alex and he goes disappear again! Double oi!!! I mean, come on! 

The good.... you get to understand Conall more here... and Leora has a patience of a saint when it comes to him! And Conall can somehow redeem himself by being so romantic... Story wise, it's hot, romantic but it just gets more complicated and kinda confusing. 

Am I reading book 3? Of course I am! It could only just get better right? Or I am hoping it will... ♥⎵♥