Chasing Air by DeLaine Roberts

Chasing Air - DeLaine Roberts



3.5 Stars....

Dr. Judith Bellonte Donati, after marrying a mob, staged her own death with the help of the FBI. Under Witness Protection, she is moved to Dallas under a new name Dr. Makenzie Holder, a new identity, a new life.

All alone, she misses her family, living in constant fear that her ex will find her. With her job and her life, she feels like she's always chasing air. 

Then she met two very attractive men who wants her, Detective Ryler Buchanan and millionaire developer, Jonathan Bain. While she knew that any involvement with an officer was a huge risk, she couldn't explain her attraction to him, he is like a drug to her and she couldn’t say no to. While Jonathan is the safer bet and she find him attractive, her thoughts kept coming back to Ryler. Would fear kept her locked into her old life forever?

I love Mak, she's a survivor and she's done running and wants to finally live her life. I thought it was tough choosing between Jonathan and Ryler, but you can't help but love Ryler more. 

It's light, romantic, suspenseful and an easy read.