Tattoos and Tangles by Melinda A. Di Lorenzo

Tattoos and Tangles - Melinda A. Di Lorenzo



After years of heartache, Cass is ready to begin her new life, free from her ex who brought her emotional and financial ruin and healing from the loss of her sister, she went out to celebrate with her BFF Clair and got herself a tattoo to remember her sister and then get themselves drunk after. After having way too much shots later, got too drunk, got drugged, kidnapped and saved by a tattooed stranger.

John is on a trail looking for his brothers killer when he saw this beautiful woman (Cass) walk out with her friend from the tattoo parlour and she walks straight into the sights of his most-hated rival. Then he rescued Cass and will do anything to keep her safe. And Cass will do anything to help save him. 

I love Cass, she's none of those irritating female that runs and bitches. Instead she is willing to help do whatever John asks to help him. But jeez, how many times does this girl gets kidnapped!!!! 

Then John. He would do anything to save Cass... I would have liked him to kick ass more but I love him, he is one hot alpha male. 

It's hot, suspenseful, action-packed and heart-warming. I definitely enjoyed reading. 

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