Men of Steel (Men of Steel, #1) by M.J. Fields

Men of Steel - M.J. Fields


Carly is on vacation visiting her father and while hanging out with her cousin Abe, she met this hot, gorgeous, messy black hair, beautiful eyes, dimples and all, Jase, Abe's best friend. But Jase has this beautiful but crazy girlfriend. Jase couldn't help his attraction to the beautiful yet innocent Carly. So, they started off "fake" dating. Then Jase broke up with his crazy gf and made it official with Carly.

There definitely is a lot of humour in the story that I enjoyed. 

There is the annoying grammar that it gets kinda confusing. 

There's the fact that Carly didn't know what a Prince Albert was and it was never really explained what it was, I guess it was just assumed that all readers knows what it means. Then there's the "yay" meaning "yes", took a while to get used to that, even then I find it annoying. Comes the gesture of shaking the head and I would assume that was a "no" but then, it means "yes", I would prefer a nod then. 

But yes, after a while with a slight headache after, I got the hang of it. 

But, setting aside all that (if you could) I would have really enjoyed the book.

It's a short read, funny and romantic. Story continues on the next book.