The Dare (The Chronicles of Katrina, #1) by Karin Tabke

The Dare - Karin Tabke


This book is HOT!!!!

It all started with a "DARE"! 

Katy bump into this really hot guy with beautiful green eyes, and couldn't stop thinking or lusting about him. But she has a boyfriend, sort of. Evan and she have been a secret couple because of the no-fraternizing rule at work. 

When Katy and Even went for a drink, green eyes is there too eyeing her. Then in their game of truth or dare, Evan dared her to approached one of the cops in the bar and invite him to join them in their room, the normally uptight Kat, shocked, hurt, then pride took over and went to ask her green eye fiend. 

And OMG, Simon is fucking HOT!!!! 

“I’m in and out, fast and furious, down and deep.”

Loved this! So much going on in such short read. It was captivating and soooo darn sexy!!!! The only thing I wouldn't like, like I said, it's a short read, you're gonna want the next book ASAP.