Tease by Missy Johnson

Tease - Missy Johnson


Story - 3 stars!
Smut - 5 stars!

A male escort POV! Interesting right? 

Liam Cooper a.k.a. Coop is a male escort catering to only A-list clients. And there certainly is a lot of sex going on in this book... 70 percent of the story is all about Coop's sexual escapades with his clients. It is interesting and it is hot!

But yeah, I can only read so much of him boinking so many of his clients. But Coop is certainly good at his job and his loving it.

Then Mia came back. Mia is his sister's best friend and the first girl who gave him his first blow job when he was 15. And Coop wants Mia but he thinks Mia deserves someone better. See, they, his family and Mia, thinks he sells insurance for a living. 

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I don't get it. Coop is attracted and has feelings for Mia but it certainly doesn't stop him from enjoying having more sex with his clients! Hell, he just came back from fucking his client, goes home and have sex with Mia! I'm sorry, but that's a big "no no" in my list. 

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Mia sounds lovely but really I couldn't relay. The story concentrates more on Coop and his sexcapades. 

I guess this book is not for me. I like more romance and more "je ne sais quoi"... ;) But if you want a smutty book, I definitely highly recommend. 

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