Easy To Love You (Love #2) by Megan Smith

Easy To Love You (The Love Series) - Megan Smith



3.5 what was that about stars..... 

Story picked up from where it left off.... and Hunter steps up for Mackenzie, never leaving her side, taking care of her and their newborn. Then his past comes backs to haunt him.

I love the first book, but this one got me all confused! What's up with all the lies?

Mackenzie's family is keeping things from her to protect her, now Hunter's keeping things from her for all the same reason and it all just piled up, I don't understand why and it's just irritating! And the story pretty much circulates around this "protect Mackenzie let's keep her blind!"

And what's up with Jason's father really? Cause to the end I see no sense in it? Why didn't Mackenzie let Brittany get away with what she did? What's up with Lynn? First she flirt with Hunter then next she's dating Hunter's father?! 

It is frustrating cause it gets you intrigued on what's going on but then it was just left as that.... 

I enjoyed reading Hunter's POV, it's good that Mason is with Hailey.... while Jaylinn is with Cooper. I hope the next book will answer those holes left in this book.