Storm (Storm MC #1) by Nina Levine

Storm - Nina  Levine


2.5 stars.....

I love biker romance books but this just didn't do it for me... 

The female character, Madison, is sooo darn irritating! She makes me wanna pull all my hair out and more!!!! Argh!!!!

The story just didn't cut it for me... It's was all over the place... there's what happened to Maddy, her running, her addiction, again her running, then there's the father cheating, the unknown stepbrother and so much more.... Jason and Maddy has so much issues or more like Maddy has so much issues that to the end I couldn't grasp their relationship. 

Jason is the only one I like in this book but then again even he disappoints by tolerating Madison's irrational and again irritating personality.

So no, it's definitely not my kind of biker book.... :(