Elite (Eagle Elite, #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Elite  - Rachel Van Dyken




THANK YOU for waking me up from my book funk!!!! I LOVED every page!!!! Got my heart pounding even after the end!!!! Definitely one of my favourite book!!!!! And definitely my kind of read!

Trace's innocence is refreshing!!! Growing up in a ranch with her loving grandparents that she loves dearly, so grateful to them she wants to prove herself to her grandparents, to make them proud.... so when she got accepted to Eagle Elite College, she was very excited and scared.

When she got there, she had the Elect no less welcoming her but not in a nice way, in a" you're nothing but charity you don't belong here" welcome... And what kind of a school has rules as such! Rules were : 

1. Do not touch The Elect.
2. Do not look at The Elect.
3. Do not speak to The Elect.

I was right there with Trace, feeling for her, scared for her, humiliated with her.... ugh!!!!! I cried with her and seriously wanna punch all of them!!!! Nixon specially, I wanna punch and kick him in the balls so many times!!!! 

But yes, you got 2 hot gorgeous alpha's here that I grew to love!!!!! Nixon and Chase!!!! Nixon, the president Elect and more, and Chase, the vice. I am seriously so jealous of Trace right now, lol.... 

I love the twist and turns of this mafia book!!!! And I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!! DYING FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!! DYING!!!!

Now, I'm going to buy my hardcopy and if I could get a signed one would be even better!!!! This would be on my Christmas list!!!!! ;)