Untouchable (Untouchable, #1) by Lindsay Delagair

Untouchable - Lindsay Delagair


4.5 Untouchable Stars!!!

I loved this! I stayed up all night cause I couldn't put it down! 

Annalisa Winslett, a billionaire heiress, and her sister was sent to live with her mother's close friend in college under a different name because her mom thinks someone is out there to hurt them or worst. Using a different family name, Annalisa McKinnis is now living with her her pretend aunt and uncle. No one in her new school knows who she is and she's avoided getting involve with anyone to keep her secret. 

Until Evan, a new guy in school, who besides being handsome with green eyes and brown hair, Leese is starting to really like. And Evan makes it harder for her to avoid him. 

Holy mother of suspense! I love Leese, she fights for the people she loves, she's willing to sacrifice everything to protect them... even to the person who is sent to kill her if he will help her keep her family safe... I feel for her... I feel for her feelings for Evan. My heart breaks for her. She is definitely not a whiny irritating female character. 


Evan lives in a different world, I get how he feels.... At first I was seriously mad at him and his temper, but reading through, I understood where he comes from. 

The tension.... The suspense.... All the twist and turns... I loved it! The only thing is, I wish Leese was older or something. ;) Other than that, I think it was fantastic!