December Moon (The Raven Saga, #2)

December Moon (The Raven Saga, #2) - Suzy Turner The story behind December Moon, Lilly's best friend, upon reaching the age of 15, she found out she's a witch and that her mother kept her in the dark on purpose. And without knowing, she's off to help Lilly fights a most dangerous vampire!

Again, the story is at times confusing and boring.... I can't tell who's narrative it was since it switches from Lilly to December and there was even one that I noticed that it was supposedly December's narrative but it was written Lilly instead.

This time I'd say it's more YA... and there is a lot of action in this book that I enjoyed... there is humour, drama and suspense... and new characters are introduced.

Written on both December and Lilly's POV.