This Broken Beautiful Thing (Broken Beautiful, #1)

This Broken Beautiful Thing (Broken Beautiful, #1) - Sophie Summers 2.5 Stars!

To sum up what the story is about, Harley, who is 18, moved to live with her father, who is the president of a biker club, after a train of incidents... which was; she caught her soul mate and boyfriend for 4 years, sleeping with her then supposedly best friend which made her run and drive off that lead her into an accident. Though the accident wasn't her fault, someone run over a red light and hit her car!

Oh, and that she is pregnant with her boyfriends baby... and she was suppose to tell him the happy news on that same night.

First, it really needs editing... way too many errors not to notice...

But moving on with the story....

I find so many things that is just so wrong in this story.

Like, Jace a.k.a. Raven, soon to be VP of her fathers biker club, is the one that hit her car cause he was speeding and did not heed the red light and through Harley's insistent not to tell her father what really happened.... Jace chose to not tell his president, Harley's dad, the truth on what really happened! And seriously, it would have been pretty obvious which car really hit which right? But I guess that really didn't matter...


Then, when Harley moved in her father's club house, she was placed in Jace's room, to sleep with Jace, cause Jace placed a claim on her? And her father's very much okay with that?!!


And Jace, by the way, turns into this raging person when he gets real mad specially when Harley don't obey or listen to him! He gets so violent!!!! And everybody in the club knows about his rage problem! But then, I guess it's safe for Hayley to be with him. NOT!


Then Harley, understandably she is mad and heartbroken with what her boyfriend, Caleb, did! But she wasn't that broken to easily transfer her affection to Jace!

To top if off, Jace would go have sex with the club whore, which of course he'd tell Hayley that it doesn't mean anything.... did that not just ones too..... BUT of course Harley would easily forgive him but certainly NOT Caleb, her boyfriend of 4 years, her "soul mate". Caleb didn't even get to speak to her at all!


Anyway, there's sooo much that is just sooo wrong!!!

I love that finally, nearing the end, Caleb was given a voice and redeemed himself!!! And that Harley has stopped running (did I not mention she is a runner too?)!!! Oh and that Harley finally realized how crazy Jace is to be near her and more so with her daughter! Only took her 4 years to realize that!

But with that said.... this would have been a really good plot!!!! Specially the ending.... now we are finally getting somewhere, but.... of course..... it's a cliffy!!!!

Would I read the next book? Why not! Maybe the crazies has stopped here.