Enticed: Book 1 of the Fullerton Family Saga

Enticed - Ginger Voight 5 Amazing Stars!

So far I have never read a Ginger Voight novel that I didn’t like…. and guess what? She never disappoints!!!!


Is there anything I don’t like about this book? Absolutely nothing!


I loved it!


Rachel, still being haunted by her painful past, received an email from a prominent businessman Andrew Fullerton, to tutor his troubled son, Jonathan. Seeing this as an opportunity to change her life, a break she desperately needed… she took the job. What she didn’t expect was that she would be dealing with the Fullerton family saga while protecting Jonathan, the 9 yrs. old child that is caught in the middle of it all.

Rachel Dennehy’s character is classy, sincere, humble, outspoken, strong and huge heart. She is definitely one of my favourite female character in a book!

Jonathan Fullerton is the sweetest, loveable, unspoiled, most innocently and confused and most hurt beautiful boy who dealt with his parents ugly divorce and is still dealing with their much uglier custody battle. My heart goes out for him!

What I love most about this book is the bond between Rachel and Jonathan, how Rachel protects, love and teaches Jonathan about life.


Then there’s Andrew, a.k.a. Drew… I was definitely rooting for Drew and Rachel… he would do anything to get what he wants but I didn’t know to what extent he will do to get it!


While Drew’s brother, Alex, seems to be full of hate against Drew and thinks the worst in Rachel… so many times I just want to just shut him up!

You will hate and love the Fullerton brothers.

Once I start reading I just couldn’t put it down. It is intense, edgy, emotional and full of surprises! And since this is just the start of the first of the trilogy, it’ll leave you wanting for the next book!

Most excellently written and written in Rachel’s POV.

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