Forever Us (Forever Trilogy, #3)

Forever Us (Forever Trilogy, #3) - Sandi Lynn 3.5 Stars!

I enjoyed reading Ellery and Connor’s story from the first of the series to Connor’s POV on the 2nd series. And now the continuation of their life together, as married couple and with a baby!

Both characters has grown a lot in this book… though Ellery is still very stubborn… and Connor is Connor, protective, loving, and bossy.

Reading about them dealing with early marriage and parenthood was sweet! Though at times, just too much. Besides those, there is a lot going on in this book.. it never seems to end… After the Ashlyn thing then comes another. Just a little bit of an overkill for me.


But there’s that nice surprise too… where Ellery had this rendezvous with the “elevator man”. Intriguing isn't it?


There is drama, some suspense, cute humour and a lot of romance, a lot!

It is written in both Connor and Ellery’s POV. And now I can honestly say that…


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