More Than Him (More, #3)

More Than Him (More, #3) - Jay McLean Grab your copy now!

5 Sigh Worthy Stars!!!!

This book is so BEAUTIFUL and full of HEART....

This is the continuation of Logan and Amanda's story.

Logan is back!!! And he makes my heart bleed. I felt bad on his decision on the previous book but there's so much more going inside him that you would only love him more! I love him!!!! All his pain.... it's just heart wrenching.


Amanda's emotional turmoil... torn between her love and her anger for Logan.... I feel for her, all confused, lost and frightened... oh but the heartache... the anguish....


The intense connection they have together.


This about second chances... forgiveness... and moving forward....


Written under both POV's... this book is so emotional, it'll deeply affect your feelings. I loved everything in this book!!! Jay Mclean's writing is just simply amazing.

Amanda and Logan have proved to be two of my favourite book couple.

ARC kindly provided by author for Slitsread Blog in exchange for an honest review.