Under Locke

Under Locke - Mariana Zapata 3.5 Stars!

Iris had no choice but to ask her half brother, Sonny, for help, cause she was broke after months of unemployment. Sonny is a member of a motorcycle club, Widow. Sonny then took her in and found her a job. As receptionist to a tattoo shop owned by Dex, also a member of Widow, an ex-felon, hot, gorgeous with lots of tattoos and whom she has seen casually always with a handful of women.

Iris did not want to work for Dex but she had no choice and Dex definitely didn't look like he liked her, he was rude and impatient. So, much as she hated Dex, it was either the tattoo shop or the strip club.

The good:

I always love a bad ass biker romance story... and Dex is definitely bad ass. ;)

I like that they didn't get together instantly.... they started off obviously in the wrong foot, then friendship, then love and sex.

I love that Dex calls her "babe" even before they got together.


Iris, I felt bad for her, after everything she went through, add to that an a-hole of a father... she's a survivor and a fighter. She doesn't want to be anyone's burden. And she will do everything for the people she love.

There is humour, tension and some action. Not to forget, the romance and the hot sex. And I like the ending.

Not so good:

The story is so long! Not that long is bad. But a lot of it is Iris's thoughts rambling on and on. Like when on a conversation, you have to wait for her answer after her after she's finish with her thoughts.

Then there's her constant gagging... like a lot on anything and everything almost! Seriously, that's not good.

Then there's her term for her grandma, "yia yia"... which at first I really didn't get.

I wish this wasn't written on a single POV... though I'm not sure if that's a bad thing considering the story is already too long.

So all in all, it was alright.

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