Beyond Ransom (Ransom, #1)

Beyond Ransom (Ransom, #1) - A.T. Douglas 3.5 Stars!

Morgan, 19 yrs. old (give or take couple of weeks)... she's lived a sheltered life with her dad being a police detective. She can't wait to go to college and be finally free! Then a day when her father told her not to go out, she snuck out and went out anyway only to get kidnapped by one of her father's enemy, Mark Castili, leader of one of the largest crime rings in the Southwest. Beaten and tortured, she made friend with one of Mark's men, Leo, who looks sorry for hurting her.

Leo is attractive, tattooed and all, and he works for Mark. When his parents was killed, Mark saved him and took him in, raised him... but whatever Mark gives, Mark takes it all back too! His father was one of Mark's men and now he is working for Mark but he vows to never repeat the cycle and he will never start a family and involve them on that kind of life. He will do whatever Mark asks him to do but he does not condone taking someone’s kid, beating her, torturing her with mind games. So he tries to help Morgan any way he can.


I find it hard to believe that Morgan, tied up, beaten and all... the first time she saw Leo given she is instantly attracted to him.... she was embarrassed at her situation! Seriously the girl is not that scared if you can still have those thoughts!


I felt bad for what she is going through and I love that though she is stubborn, she stands to be brave. Then again, I couldn't understand, or more like I think she needs help, in thinking that she prefers her life there, captured and all, cause she finally found her voice! After what she went through?


Taking in consideration that she's only 19 and lived a sheltered life.... I'm just a bit dumbfounded...


So while Morgan is finding herself in Leo's world, Leo is trying to tell her otherwise.

I love Leo... he is in a life he doesn't want and he wouldn't chose that life for Morgan. With that said, they make a perfect couple.

Mark is a really really sick man! I want to pulverize him!

This book is not your typical abduction story, it is disturbing and gripping, and mind boggling... It is full of surprises!

Written in Morgan's POV... except for the last chapter where you will hear Leo's thoughts.

It is a cliffy and I would definitely want to know what happens next.

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