Nameless: The Darkness Comes (The Bone Angel Trilogy) (Volume 1)

Nameless: The Darkness Comes - Mercedes M. Yardley 3.5 Stars!!!!

A paranormal story about a girl who sees demons.

Luna sees demons ever since she was a child. She wasn't scared of them plus it helps that her father understands and sees them too, which makes her NOT "crazy." Now all grown up, she found a way to deal with the demons and how to hurt them if they bothered her. Then she met Reed Taylor, her love interest in the book. Then her niece went missing and demons are involved... and the crazies begin...


It was a fun read! I liked it. Except for the lengthy conversations with the demons.... and plus she's the only who can see them, so I'm picturing that one out, she would definitely look like a lunatic.


Luna's character is strong, brave, loving, funny and quite a bit of a mouth. She doesn't listen and when she don't wanna listen, she takes off and run... that is a bit annoying.


There's a demon she named Mouthy who warns her and wants to help her, but she was told by her dad that "demons lie and they are never good" so she doesn't trust him. I like Mouthy, I know he loves Luna, he has been watching over her since she was a child. I love the banter between Mouthy and Luna up to when Luna spoils it but acting like a spoiled child.

I also find it funny that she calls Reed his full name, Reed Taylor.... I love Reed... Reed really love Luna... and he will do anything to help her. I was really rooting for Luna and Reed... And I still have lots of question regarding his angel? Where did it go?


Then there's her older brother Seth.... he is not as strong and brave as Luna though. He doesn't see demons... but he believes Luna does... though he has a secret and that was a surprise.

Let's not forget the angels which Luna calls the demon police. Though I don't see them doing much policing in the story.

This book will introduce you to Luna, her story and her abilities. It was funny, action packed, suspenseful and touching.

To say I'm looking forward to the next book, definitely.

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