After the Night

After the Night - Linda Howard I loved this book!!!! The story goes back from when they were young....

Faith Devlin, poor, her family is called trash, her mom the town whore. At a young age of 11, she adored the 19 yrs. old linebacker, Gray Rouillard. Till the age of 14, she loves him, hoping just to see just a glimpse of him or hear his voice. Till that one night where Gray throw her and her family out and called her trash... even then she didn't stop loving him.

Gray Rouillard is handsome, the famous quarterback, rich, his family basically owns the town and he hated all the Devlins! And he doesn't want them in his town!

All the characters in this book are strong! Faith, I love her, she's strong, she's stubborn, but she is beautiful inside and out! She proved herself and she will fight for the truth no matter what the consequence. I can't believe what she's been through, I hurt for her.... I just wanna hug her!


Gray, I want to hate him but you will understand why he has to do what he has to do. I get so mad at him then I love him too....


Their attraction together is so strong and their chemistry so beautiful.

Most excellently written, full of angst... and really hot.... That scene in the courthouse washroom? Just HOT!!!


Written under multiple POV's.

So many characters here that I hated.... but it was Monica that surprised me in the end.

All the heartache, the passion, the hate.... the mystery and suspense!!!! Everything in this story is intense!!!! It will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! And when it ended, which left me with a smile by the way, it made me want more of Faith and Gray!

A definite must read!

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