Shooter (Burnout, #1)

Shooter (Burnout, #1) - Dahlia West Hayley (a.k.a. Sarah) is constantly moving from one place to another, hiding from a dreadful past. She didn't make friends, she always kept a low profile. Till Shooter.

Shooter (a.k.a. Chris) an ex-army ranger, runs his own garage, called Burnout, together with his friends from his old army unit. He didn't trust Hayley in the beginning, but seeing signs of abuse... based on Hayley's reactions and based on his experience, he sees what she is running from... he became her friend and protector.


I love that they started off as friends. Both characters will definitely grow on you... though Hayley can be sometimes just a bit irritating.

Written on both Hayley and Shooter's POV.

I enjoyed this book... It started off slow, nothing pretty much happening... but the banter between Shooter and his friends made it worth the wait... You will love Shooter, Tex, Hawk, Easy and Doc. (I get confuse sometimes when they switch from their nickname to their real name). Together, they are a whole bunch of funny.


Then when things started to happen, it continued it's momentum to the end. Hot sex, romance, suspense, funny moments and just the perfect ending...

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